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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Can you hear me now?

Posted by admin on 2008 September 22

So, I left off last week with my previous post claiming I was going to tackle the question of why a redneck should be for Obama, and then the whole bottom fell out of all the Republicans’ devious plans.

Last time I said rural folks were mostly for Democrats because Republicans were for the wealthy, and now we see it revealed plain as day, they haven’t changed. When the going got tough, the people who had benefited most from the banking and finance deregulation designed mainly by Phil Gramm were found to be wimps. Their house of cards tumbling down around them, their point man’s plan was to become financial Dictator in the classical Roman tradition.

Even with all that, I can’t say there’s really a pat answer for why a redneck should be for Obama, there’s still nothing about Democrats that fits right in with redneck thought or lifestyle, in my opinion. The Democratic Party’s persona is in flux, transitioning away from the Politically Correct, Great Society, moderately leftist ideologies of the ’60s, into a more pragmatic theme which Obama represents.

At the Democratic caucuses here in Dallas, there were at least 1000 times as many people participating as at any time in the past, and that is not an exaggeration. I was one of the new participants, having never been there before because I never really liked the Democratic Party before, even though I usually voted for them. Well, I liked some of their policies, but I wanted them to put more emphasis on small government, individual responsibility and self-reliance, and less emphasis on nanny government.

Judging from the people I met at the caucuses, and the people I saw there whom I knew as friends and acquaintances, I’d say that many more people like me have joined up and will be making policy in the Democratic Party as time goes on. People like me are attracted by Obama’s pragmatism as much as anything else. And despite false Republican claims, Obama is not the most liberal Senator, he does emphasize individual responsibility and self-reliance.

These are still vague reasons for most… but come on, man! Momma didn’t raise no fools! You want your President to be smarter than a fifth grader!

It’s obvious now that while Republicans talk a big game and are able to fool a lot of people into believing in them despite their record, in fact Republicans are the most profligate spenders - Democrats are the party of fiscal responsibility. And Republicans spend your money on their friends - bailing out Wall Street, subsidizing oil producers, handing out contracts to the likes of KBR and Halliburton. Not to mention that under the Bush administration we have seen the largest incursions into the privacy and freedoms of American citizens since before the Revolution.

Is this the kind of thing rednecks are for? I don’t think so. I believe rednecks are for fiscal responsibility, self-reliance, personal freedom, and a balance between collective and individual responsibility. I know the Republicans aren’t for those ideals, and it’s true that plenty of Democrats are not for those ideals either, but at this point the Democratic Party is the way to go if you believe in those things.

Why not the Libertarian Party, or the Constitution Party? Hmmm… maybe tha will be my next post.

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