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Friday, September 4, 2015

Heh, heh, I put some Adsense ads up, and most of them are anti-Obama

Posted by admin on 2008 September 20

I put some Adsense ads up, and most of them are anti-Obama. I’ll leave them there anyway. Remember, the people who bought them only have to pay if you click on them.

Why should the term “redneck for Obama” be surprising? It seems like an oxymoron, the way the media and the Republicans have hyped it up, only urban Democrats who consider themselves the intellectual elites should be for Obama, along with most Black Americans and some other minorities.

Rednecks are supposed to be for Republicans because Republicans don’t whine for the government to give them money, they don’t try to teach Ebonics as a second lanuage, they aren’t jealous of rich people, they don’t let criminals go unpunished, they aren’t always spending money they don’t have, they don’t expect the government to bail them out when they make a mistake…

Oh, wait.

In the past, rural folks were Democrats because Republicans were for the wealthy, and the wealthy were considered robber barons without family values, people who spoiled their children and were bent on forcing people to work for low wages, on manipulating markets to their advantage, always to screw the little man.

Then of course in the South, rednecks were Democrats because the Republicans belonged to the party of Lincoln. Republicans were carpetbaggers, and scalawags who came to the South to take advantage of the post-war conditions, to buy up land cheap, and rob people of their life savings.

But with the huge numbers of newly college educated young folks coming into adulthood in the ’60s, the Democratic Party changed course and went too far afield of values of its rural roots. It became the party of city folk, which you can see clearly in the Purple Maps which became popular after the 2004 election. These maps show clearly that even in largely rural states like Texas, which people think of as a “red” state, there are still concentrations of “blue” voters in the cities. So that’s why it’s surprising that there should be such a thing as rednecks for Obama - because the red-state/blue-state thing is really more of an suburban-rural/urban thing.

Now, I mentioned the whininess of Democrats, and their tendency to call for nanny state government as reasons why rednecks, who value self-reliance, wouldn’t want to associate themselves with that Party. I’ll have to address that in my next post.

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